Experience Blocks

With Experience Blocks, you can create different versions of your content to show to different audiences. It’s a way of making your site give more personalised and contextual experiences. Instead of standard one-size-fits-all messaging. 

For example, you might run an event for CEOs in Spain and the UK. Create an experience block that displays Spanish language to Spain-based visitors, and displays English to UK-based visitors. For visitors outside of those locations, create a generic “fallback” block that displays both English and Spanish.

What’s more, you can measure the performance of each variation. Run A/B tests, try different versions of content, and discover more about your website visitors.

How to add an Experience Block

Click the + sign to add a block:

Click Personalized Content (you may need to type this into the search bar, or click Browse all):

Creating a Fallback block in Altis

First, create your Fallback block. This block will be shown to visitors who don't fit into the audiences you specify. Try using something generic that is still informative:

Click this block and the sidebar opens. Give your block a title. Here’s also where you can also add another version of the block–the variant:

How to create a variant experience block

Click Settings to show the block sidebar:

Click the Fallback block you’ve created. In the block sidebar, click the Add a variant button:

Now it’s time to choose which audience is going to see this variant.

How to choose an audience for your variant block

In the block sidebar, under Variant 1 click Select Audience:

Either scroll down and click on an audience that you’ve already created. Or scroll up and click Add New:

Review the audience groups and rules. Check the audience is active

If you made any changes to the audience, click Update then Select. Otherwise just click Select:

For each variant you create, a tab will appear above the block. Click each tab to view the content for each block variant:

How to copy or delete variants

To save time, you can copy the chosen variant (a new variant tab automatically appears) :

To remove a variant, just click the variant’s tab and then click the Trash icon:

How to create a conversion goal for your Experience Blocks

First, choose how you’re going to measure the performance of your content blocks. Even if a content block performs badly, at least you know not to use it again. Just like inventor Thomas Edison is supposed to have said, “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Click the block and the variant tab where you want to measure conversions.

In the block sidebar, click the dropdown under Choose a conversion goal:

You’ll see three options:

  • Impressions Choose this when you want to measure how many people view the experience block
  • Click on any link Choose this when you want to measure how many people click any link or an element that’s hyperlinked (you can also use this for clickable buttons or images)
  • Submit a form Choose this when you want to measure how many form completions each block gets 

When you’ve made your choice, click Publish. Altis then checks that your Experience Blocks have valid conversion goals and fallback content:

Altis will now start recording insights so you can see which variant performs the best.