Here’s how to keep everyone working on your website aligned, consistent, and collaborative. Even when they’re working separately on different pages (and posts). Explore how to create multiple roles, schedule publishing times, and design shared templates.

User roles

Let’s start with who you’re collaborating with. Your users, and their roles. These will look familiar if you’ve ever ventured into WordPress-related surroundings. Naturally, you get some Altis-powered features on top.

What different roles can do: 


  • Access to all administration features within the site


  • Publish and manage their own and other users’ posts and pages
  • Upload files
  • Manage categories


  • Publish and manage their own posts
  • Upload files
  • Manage categories


  • Write and manage their own posts (can’t publish)


  • Manage their profile

Guest author 

  • Be attributed to a page or post without having a user account

Differences with Altis compared to WordPress

  • Editors can create Guest Author accounts

More on Guests & Multiple Authors